The Day I Met Jayce

When I woke up on Tuesday, September 8th, and I had no idea that the process of meeting my baby boy would begin that day. Isaac came over that day to hang out with me and by the time I went to bed that night the contractions were getting pretty intense. At 3 am on Wednesday, I woke up my mom to let her know that I was having contractions about seven minutes apart. We called my midwife to let her know what was going on, and we agreed to keep her updated throughout the day. The contractions were so powerful that I had to get up whenever I was having one. I didn’t go into the hospital until 6:30 pm that night, and I was dilated to 3 centimeters. They broke my water shortly after, and Isaac and my mom helped me get through every contraction. I had intentions of having a water birth, but you can’t get an epidural if you want to have a water birth. I ended up getting stuck at six centimeters for seven hours. It was extremely disappointing, and my midwife told me that the baby’s head was turn into an odd position. She encouraged me to get an epidural so that my body could relax and progress. Looking back now if I would’ve known that I had to get one, I would’ve sooner. The epidural really did help, so after 36 hours of labor (29 drug-free), and one hour of pushing I finally got to hold the love of my life in my arms. Isaac, my mom, Isaac’s mom, and I all cried the second he arrived.He was 6 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 inches long. He had grey eyes and lots of black hair. I was so proud of myself and proud that Jayce Braxton Olson was my baby boy.9-10


Lil Batman

My baby shower was held on August 22nd. It was Batman themed because Isaac and I are both major Batman fanatics. There were over 60 people there, and I must’ve gotten a million diapers as gifts. Looking back now, every single diaper came in handy a few weeks later. I also got some big gifts as well. My boyfriend’s mom bought us a stroller/car seatbaby-superman-drawing-baby_batman_by_bumblebeegirl1234-d6mgm3g combo that I registered for. Almost everybody at my shower made me feel so loved and special. except a few. Later I found out that some older ladies were discussing how I shouldn’t have a baby shower because it makes it seems like having premarital sex is a good thing. I hated how they were treating me so bad for one “bad” decision I made. People seemed to forget that a baby was coming. My baby shower was to celebrate Baby Batman being on his way, and he was going to be so loved.

It’s a…

blog number 3I had been looking forward to finding out my baby’s gender since I found out I was pregnant. Isaac and I both thought we were going to have a boy. Isaac has four brothers and no sisters. Boys definitely seemed to trump! We knew that no matter if we were having a baby boy or a baby girl, that baby would be beyond words loved. We went to the doctor when I was 21 weeks, and we told the ultrasound technician that we wanted to know the gender of our munchkin. Our peanut would not get into a position where we could tell if it was a boy or girl for the longest time. All of a sudden the ultrasound tech began smiling. We stared at the screen knowing that would soon find out if we would have ourselves a Baby Jayce or a Baby Adalynne. Then we heard “It’s a boy”. It looks like we would have ourselves a Baby Jayce.

I was “that girl”

It’s difficult to explain what it mentally does to you being “that girl”. I was that girl that was sixteen and pregnant. I got every dirty look in the book. People treated me completely different than they did before my belly started getting so big. I hated that the people judging me didn’t know what it felt like to be in the position I was in. I never brought up my pregnancy to anyone in school (other than a few really close friends) that didn’t initiate the conversation with me.  I was scared that people would assume I was a thousand different terrible words that I wasn’t. People even wrote “Autumn is pregnant” in locker bathroom stalls. I didn’t understand why my personal life was so important to everyone else. I didn’t understand why making me miserable seemed to be such a high priority. Although going to school every single day was a struggle in itself, I realized that not a single person had the guts to say something rude about my pregnancy to my face. Everyone that gave me a dirty look or wrote something rude about me was a coward. I was the one going to school every day despite how awful it made me feel. I was the strong one. blog number 2

Mommy To Be

I wish I could look back and think about how excited I was to be a mom once I found out that I was pregnant. I wish I could say that I had a huge smile on my face and big tears of joy rolled down my face, but that’s not what happened. I was sixteen years old and just found out that my life was about to drastically change in one way or another. My boyfriend and I cried together tears of complete sadness as I told him the news. We were both raised in strong christian homes and knew that this would greatly impact our families as well as us. Neither of us had it all together. I wasn’t some married, 25 year old woman with a successful career and loads of money stowed away. After one sleepless night, we told our parents the news, and as time went on I found amazing support in my parents. They still told me they loved me every single day, and I knew that whether or not my baby’s father chose to stick around, I would not ever have to be all alone.I didn’t want to feel stuck in a place where having a baby meant that my life was over. I could still create an amazing life for myself as well as my baby. I remember when loads of good hit me when people around me were constantly saying “Oh, you’re only sixteen. Don’t drop out of high school.” and that’s when I was finally able to cry tears of joy and have a big smile on my face. I was going to be a mom! pregnancy-test