I was “that girl”

It’s difficult to explain what it mentally does to you being “that girl”. I was that girl that was sixteen and pregnant. I got every dirty look in the book. People treated me completely different than they did before my belly started getting so big. I hated that the people judging me didn’t know what it felt like to be in the position I was in. I never brought up my pregnancy to anyone in school (other than a few really close friends) that didn’t initiate the conversation with me.  I was scared that people would assume I was a thousand different terrible words that I wasn’t. People even wrote “Autumn is pregnant” in locker bathroom stalls. I didn’t understand why my personal life was so important to everyone else. I didn’t understand why making me miserable seemed to be such a high priority. Although going to school every single day was a struggle in itself, I realized that not a single person had the guts to say something rude about my pregnancy to my face. Everyone that gave me a dirty look or wrote something rude about me was a coward. I was the one going to school every day despite how awful it made me feel. I was the strong one. blog number 2


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