Lil Batman

My baby shower was held on August 22nd. It was Batman themed because Isaac and I are both major Batman fanatics. There were over 60 people there, and I must’ve gotten a million diapers as gifts. Looking back now, every single diaper came in handy a few weeks later. I also got some big gifts as well. My boyfriend’s mom bought us a stroller/car seatbaby-superman-drawing-baby_batman_by_bumblebeegirl1234-d6mgm3g combo that I registered for. Almost everybody at my shower made me feel so loved and special. except a few. Later I found out that some older ladies were discussing how I shouldn’t have a baby shower because it makes it seems like having premarital sex is a good thing. I hated how they were treating me so bad for one “bad” decision I made. People seemed to forget that a baby was coming. My baby shower was to celebrate Baby Batman being on his way, and he was going to be so loved.


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