Our First Day Home

On our first day home, Jayce and I had loads of visitors. Colton, Caitlyn, Cwyn, Connelly, Caleb, Ely, Connor, Charissa, Deana, Jesse, Isaac, and of course my parents were all at my house.We managed to get the sweetest “Nett Cousin” picture of Cwyn, Connelly, Connor, and Jayece. I was absolutely drained with all of the visitors, but it was nice that they came over to meet my sweet pea. I tried to take a nap because my doctor was worried about my high blood pressure, and she thought it might help if I took a nap. I couldn’t really focus on napping with the several visitors that I felt obligated to entertain. My mom ended up leaving to go to the hospital to visit my grandpa who was rushed there by an ambulance due to having bowel obstruction, so I was terrified that I would be on my own with Jayce. I didn’t want to make my mom stay home because she deserved to see her dad. I would want to see mine if he was in the same position. My dad was home with me, but he had to preach a sermon at church the next day. I felt bad keeping him up. After being pooped on, dealing with two outfit changes from Jayce peeing on himself, and waking up every two hours to feed Jayce, it was safe to say that we had finally completed our first night at home successfully.ajgho


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