Sleep While You Can

When I was pregnant, everyone constantly told me to get sleep while I can because I wouldn’t get it once the baby came. I wish I would have taken that advice. I maybe shouldn’t be complaining because compared to many babies, Jayce really is the golden baby. I can’t help but desperately miss my eight hours straight of dream filled sleep. My mom has been amazing when it comes to helping me with Jayce so that I can get a nap. I tend to get so exhausted at the two hour feedings that I am literally falling asleep while feeding my baby who is in my arms. In addition to that I believe he has been going through a growing spurt which tends to make him randomly fussy. From about 6pm until 10pm he switches off from sleeping to fussy with no more than two minutes straight of one or the other. I do love my son to the moon, but I wish I had more energy at 3 am when my son needed my attention.9-13


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