One loooong month

Isaac left for South Dakota with his parents and his brother, Nate for a month. He hates being away from Jayce and me. I hate it too. We’ve been trying to talk and Skype as much as possible, but it’s not the same as when he was here. His parents don’t seem to understand what not seeing your son and girlfriend for a month would be like. If I was in Isaac’s position, I would pretty much die or refuse to go. Good thing that Isaac has a better attitude toward the whole situation than I do. I couldn’t even imagine a day without Jayce. His little smirks, tiny faces, and his baby smell are too wonderful to lose. To top it off, Isaac will be gone for mine and his 17th birthday, so we both will have pretty crummy birthdays. I don’t really have too many friends after having Jayce, so the day will probably consist of sitting around and being extremely bummed out.The 31st can’t come any sooner.isaac


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