Sleep Makes Me Happy

Jayce has been sleeping for three hour stretches the past few nights, and it definitely makes for a happier me. He has just been waking up to eat, and soothing him back to sleep the past couple of nights has been much easier than the week before. Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have such a good baby. He is definitely a Momma’s boy and has been sleeping in my bed with me. I know that there are risks with that, but I don’t really know what else to do when our basement is freezing cold. Plus, he sleeps much better in my bed. If he’s in his pack and play, he tends to have a much more difficult time staying asleep. I’m not going to lie either, I love the snuggles at 3 am. He always knows just how to remind me why I continue to wake up with him every night. He’s my sweet baby, and our bond in indescribable. People told me that I was going to love him, but I’m lost for words when it comes to describing our love. I’m such a proud Momma. 9-28


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