My Little Pumpkin

Jayce and I went to our first pumpkin patch together. We tagged along with Colton and Caleb’s families. It bums me out that Isaac isn’t here to create family memories with Jayce and I, but I’ve been doing my best to not let myself get stuck on that. If I let myself overthink how he isn’t here, I wouldn’t want to create memories without him. That’s not fair to our little boy. Even if Jayce is too little to remember all of these little memories, he’s still deserves to have them. I guess we can just show him all of the cool things we did when he was a little over a month old with many pictures. For $8 we all got a hay ride, 1 big pumpkin, 2 mini pumpkins, 2 gourds, and 2 husks of corn. The little ones also got a big pumpkin. The next day everybody came over to carve pumpkins and eat caramel apples. I carved “Jayce” into the pumpkin because we didn’t have any paint to do his hand and foot prints. I love making sweet family traditions, and I really hope things like this carry on for many years. I’m hoping by Christmas time, Isaac will be up for making some family memories with our mini family too.DSCN0171


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