10 More Days

Today is Isaac’s birthday, and I miss him so much. It’s exhausting doing this whole parent thing all alone. I have my parents help when they are home, but it isn’t the same as having the help of the baby’s father.I feel like I’m raising a baby pretty much all alone while trying to hold together a relationship from 12 hours away. I almost wish I could blame Isaac, but I can’t. He doesn’t want to be in South Dakota away from us, or so he says. I can’t hold a grudge at his parents forever though. I don’t think that things would be much different if Isaac was in Wisconsin anyways. He would probably be working all the time and I’d be here, all alone. I’m so glad that Jayce is such a good baby because I would probably spend 90% of my day sobbing if he was a colicky baby. Still, I’m counting down the days until I can feel like I’m not totally a single mom. For Isaac’s birthday, I bought him the Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda, but I’m not giving it to him until he comes to. He’s waiting to give me the gift that he bought for me until then as well. 12002982_845147715601807_6702350148912926962_n


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