Momma’s Boy

Looking back I know how desperately bad I wanted a girl. Even though, I knew I would love a little boy too, I just wanted a girl for someone reason. In my heart, I always had a feeling that he would be the sweet little boy that I get to cuddle with now. The day I had my ultrasound to find out the gender, my mom stared at my face, assuming I’d be disappointed when they told me that the little baby in my tummy was a little boy, but I wasn’t disappointed. Now I can watch superhero movies, play catch, and spend way less money on clothes. Now, I can’t even imagine what changing a girl’s diaper would be like. I am so set with my baby boy, that I wouldn’t take it any other. Plus, they say that boys bond better with their mom, and girls bond better with their dad. I think that must be true. Jayce definitely loves me, and he’s such a momma’s boy. That doesn’t totally surprise me though; he doesn’t see his dad enough to be a daddy’s boy. I’m so lucky that God gave my baby Jayce Braxton Olson. I wouldn’t have it any other way.DSCN0168


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