Halloween Party

Today, we all went to a Halloween party. Jayce dressed up like a little skeleton. The sleeper he wore even made it look like there was little candy in his tummy. The hat didn’t fit though. Everyone wanted to him and Connor. It was really cool seeing how loved those little boys are. I talked to Andrew’s wife, Kyra, about my pregnancy. She asked me if I went to school until I had him. It was nice being able to explain how lonely things got during that time. Nobody really asked me what school was like. Not very many people asked me about school and the way people treated me. I told her about how nobody really had the guts to say anything rude to my face. The shame came with the looks, and I chose not to talk about my pregnancy during school, unless somebody else brought it up. It was nice how this party reminded me that choosing to keep Jayce was definitely the right decision. Even if I had a baby at 16, my baby is just as loved as if I was 30. My son is completely blessed to be surrounded by amazing people that will always love and support him. I’m glad that I made the decision to bring Jayce into the world and to love him every single day.11874183_10207328958252665_1998587620_n


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