Five AM Smiles

This morning my sweet little chunk woke up at 5 AM smiling and wanting kisses. I let him come into the bathroom with me to brush my teeth, and he babbled the whole time. I love how he wanted to communicate with his momma. I guess he knows how to roll from his side to his tummy now because when he woke up to eat he was flat on his tummy. I know that I didn’t lay him down like that. Jayce definitely does not like his face being turned to one side or the other. He kept moving his head from left to right, rubbing his nose and the pillow. After a while he just cried, so I flipped him over. I know that he wants to roll over because he kicks his feet, flails his little arms, and continuously turns his head back and forth whenever I put him on his tummy. On the bright side, when Jayce wakes up at 5 AM, I’m forced to get up at 5 AM, which means I start doing school much earlier than I would if he wakes up at 8:30. I have a lot to accomplish today, and I’m hoping my sweet little peanut cooperates, so I can complete everything on my to-do list.DSCN0263


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