Sleepy Mommy

I have officially decided that my exhaustion level on a scale from 1 to 10 is about an 11. From what I hear that never really gets better. Jayce usually only wakes up to eat, but that still only leaves me with 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night. During the day my parents work. People tell me to sleep when Jayce sleeps, but if I did that, then there’s no way I would graduate high school on time. Even with doing school while the little one sleeps, I don’t usually get everything I need to done. I still spend my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights trying to make sure I’m ahead, or at least that I’m not behind. Isaac is coming back on the 31st, so he’s going to spend the Sunday and Monday afterwards with me before he has to work. I wanted to completely focus on him those days, so we can catch up on stuff. I guess that means staying up until I feel like I’m hallucinating so be it. People say that when the baby reaches 10 pounds, they will start sleeping in longer stretches. I really hope that’s true, but I think that will just mean that Jayce would be more awake during the day. That still leaves me scrambling to make sure I’m on schedule with school when I desperately want to be relaxing. images


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