‘Cause I’m a Worry Wart

During pregnancy, I broke out with a bad batch of eczema on my arms and back. I also began finding unusual bumps forming on my body too. They were disgusting and made me very self conscious. After I had Jayce, I assumed the bumps and eczema would go away and clear up, but they didn’t. My mom set me up an appointment with a dermatologist. When I got there, my dermatologist began looking at the bumps. Then he mentioned “You have a lot of birthmarks”, and he sounded worried. I didn’t feel worried about it though. For seventeen years of my life, I have been covered in birth marks, and I’ve still lived a healthy, somewhat normal life. The dermatologist then began explaining a disease called Neurofibromatosis. He explained that it’s a genetic neurological disease with some symptoms including six or more cafe o lait spotsCafe-Au-Lait (birth marks), freckles under the armpit, neurofibromas, learning disabilities, and ADHD. He did a biopsy of one of the unusual mole-like bumps on my body because he said that he would be able to find out if I had this disease or not. A couple days later, he called me and explained that I do. He recommended that I go see a genetic counselor, in order to know what symptoms to look out for myself and Jayce. It’s terrifying that I might’ve unknowingly changed Jayce’s life in a negative way. I have a minor case and am fine, but who’s to say that Jayce or one of my other children wouldn’t end up getting this awful disease. I’ve always been a worrier, and I tend to assume the worst. I’m just hoping this disease stops with me.


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