Daddy is Home

A couple days ago Isaac came home from South Dakota. It made me so happy seeing Jayce and Isaac interact with one another. Isaac is a wonderful father to Jayce, and whether or not Isaac and I stay together, I hope those two always have as wonderful as a relationship as they do now. Isaac tickled him, and he told me how happy it made him to our see our little boy smile at him. Although Isaac and I don’t always get along, I couldn’t imagine a better guy to become a father at 17. Isaac really is good at it. Another thing that made me feel happy was that Isaac had an opportunity to experience Jayce’s crabby side. The whole time before Isaac left for South Dakota, Jayce did nothing but eat, poop, and sleep. Now that he’s getting older, he’s awake more. That means more smiles and more crabby time. When I would vent to Isaac about how stressed I get when Jayce would cry simply just to cry, Isaac didn’t understand the extent of it. I love Jayce to pieces, but I hate when he cries, and I don’t know what he needs. It makes me feel like a terrible mother. Isaac got to experience Jayce crying for no reason, and I think I gained more of his respect for it.12122894_995826037140925_301128830795735473_n


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