He’s Definitely a Boy

Yesterday Kalee came home for a visit from Madison. I suggested us going to Appleton because I know that people get bored when they spend a lot of time watching Netflix at my house with a cute crying baby. Let me tell you about how easily you take for granted the ability to just run into a store or to actually look around. Jayce was in his carrier, fussing all day long while my back killed me. I wanted to try on dresses, but it’s difficult when you have a baby strapped to your chest, and you have to take the carrier off and on at every single store that you want to try a dress on at. This time shopping was not much different than the last time that I took him shopping, he cried and passed out the second we got home. Seriously the only stuff I bought were diapers, facewash, and lunch. I think after a couple hours in Appleton, we were both thankful to be doing nothing but cuddling on the couch with “Friends” playing in the background. I guess the next time that I want to shop, Jayce will be with a babysitter, so Mommy can try on clothes.DSCN0293


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