Leaving Little Man

On Saturday, we’re getting family pictures taken, so i wanted to get my hair done before that. Isaac had off, so he agreed to come over and spend the day with Jayce and I, then watch Jayce when I went to my appointment. I cannot even believe how much you can miss someone when you are away from them for two hours. That was the first time that I have ever been away from him for more than an hour. With that experienced, I also learned how innate being a mom is for me. I’ve always wanted lots of kids (maybe not at 16), but it always came so naturally for me to feed and take care of another little human. Although, Isaac is a great father, he doesn’t have that innate ability. He was texting me asking me how to heat up the breastmillk  because I’m nursing. I could tell he was getting stressed out about it, which was stressing me out. He did manage to keep Jayce alive and safe though, which were pretty much my basic requirements. Jayce had a really good evening, and I like to think that that’s because he is home with his mommy. The nighttime sleeping arrangements weren’t quite as positive though, but I have officially realized that any night home with my little boy is better than it ever will be away from him.DSCN0223


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