Stop Fighting Sleep

Yesterday Jayce and I tagged along with Isaac and his family to go out to eat in Stevens Point. Initially, I felt really excited that Isaac thought to invite us. It makes me feel really special that we are included in family events. First, we went out for coffee because Isaac’s family is coffee crazy, which I don’t mind myself. Jayce sat and hung out the whole time we were at the coffee shop and in an antique store, but when we went out to eat, he just wasn’t having it anymore. I think he was both hungry and tired, but the tired overruled the hunger. Everytime I tried to feed him, he just screamed instead. I spent the whole time that we were at the restaurant trying to soothe him, but I couldn’t get him to fall asleep. Isaac’s parents tried too, but it didn’t work for them either. Everybody always ended up giving Jayce back to me, which a part of me doesn’t mind, but I feel so helpless when I’m unable to help either. When we finally left the restaurant, I hoped that Jayce would fall asleep in the car, so when he woke up, he’d eat and then be his usual happy self. Everyone was pretty loud in the car ride too, so he never fell asleep. By the end of the night, I just wanted to go home. I wanted to go to sleep, and I prayed that Jayce would fall asleep cuddling me too. He did end up passing out, but I will definitely need a hot bubble bath and a nap today.10-15


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