Two Months Worth of Snuggles

Today Jayce turns two months old. He loves being naked, cuddling, listening to music, and sucking on his nunu (pacifier). He hates getting the hiccups, peeing on himself, and when his baths aren’t warm enough. Little man constantly lays on the ground and coos when we’re “playing”. He can kiss back. Whenever I go in for a kiss, he opens his mouth wide, and sticks out his tongue. He’s so laid back and loves hanging out at home with momma watching movies. He eats about every two hours, snuggles me constantly, has pretty blue eyes, and lots of brown hair. I’d like to think that he loves me the most because I’m his momma. I feel beyond words blessed that this little boy is all for me. Jayce is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. He reminds me every single day that I’m really lucky to have him. I can’t picture my life without waking up to this sweet baby boy laying by my side. I’m glad that my first baby was such a good one because he definitely makes me excited to make him a big brother (sometime in the DISTANT future). I know that he’ll be a fantastic one.12196180_927116654024615_8636961751862748485_n


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