Drawing Closer to God

Recently something happened in my family. It’s weird how one piece of information can change your entire perception of everything. The thought of all of the pain being experienced really took a toll of me. Yesterday I was too sick to eat, sleep, or do much. I didn’t shower or clean like I usually do. I just wanted to lay down and cry. It even made taking care of Jayce more difficult. I don’t know if he was actually crabby yesterday or if I was so stressed out that I perceived him that way. This morning when I woke up, the difficult things were discussed. I spent the last two days thinking and praying about what I should say. I really used yesterday morning as an outlet to draw closer to the Lord, who I feel like I’ve fallen away from. I wanted to connect. This whole situation has been an eye opener on how I live my life, as well as the kind of man I want Jayce to become. I want to raise him right, even if I am young. I want him to know that his life has an amazing purpose that God will show to him if he follows him. I truly want my son to someday make an amazing husband, father, and man someday, so I’m going to raise him to do just that.worshipper


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