Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it really got me thinking about how you are always asked what you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving. What about every other day of the year? We all have so much good, and so few of us stop to appreciate everything that we have EVERY day of the year. Jayce and I went to Isaac’s house and after eating we all went around the table saying what we were thankful for. I said Jayce. I’m so blessed to have a sweet, happy, healthy baby boy. It reminds me of those who so desperately want children, but can’t have them. It makes my heart go out to my friend, Makayla, who recently miscarried. It makes me more grateful than ever that my baby boy is HERE. He is my whole little world. I want to take time every single day to be thankful for him and all of the other wonderful things going on in my life right now. I’m thankful for Isaac. He’s 17 and has done a great job of stepping up to the task of parenting. I hope someday Jayce can grow up in a two parent home with his momma and dadda. I’m thankful for parents. Things have been somewhat touchy in that area, but I love knowing that my parents want and always will want the best for mine and Jayce’s lives. They have taught me right from wrong, and I really appreciate them for that. I want to be thankful for everything that I have because not everyone is as blessed as I am. So Happy Thanksgiving every day. 12314057_875706889212556_531516770799589562_n


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