First Laughs

My peanut’s first laughs were the sweetest little noises I’ve heard in my seventeen years. He’s big smile, wide eyes, and high pitched noises couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than complete joy. Who would have thought watching Gipa(Grandpa) eat corn would be so stinkin’ hilarious? But for my little love it was. He must’ve thought Gipa was playing a game with him because everytime my dad opened his mouth to take another bite, Jayce let him think he was a complete hoot. I was even lucky enough to catch this beautiful moment on video, and I’m quite proud of myself for it. Just the fact that Jayce is happy is an accomplishment in and of itself.DSCN0363

Isaac wasn’t as excited about it. He missed his sons first laughs, and I don’t blame him for being upset.  I don’t totally feel that bad for him though. I wish he’d come around more, help more, get to know the beautiful human we’ve created, but he doesn’t…and I’m making my peace with that. I give him credit for not walking away, but the responsibility is on me. I guess the positives that tag  along with responsibility are being Jayce’s all time favorite. I’m his mommy, and he loves me most. I’m the one who gets to see his first laughs, and it’s the best reward ever.


I want to be…

What kind of mom do I want to be? Being a mom while I’m still under the authority of my parents has given me endless time to reflect on this particular question. My mom and I have had a pretty good relationship for the most part. We fight off and on, but most days I would consider her to be my best friend. I want to be the mom that a child can tell anything to. If my child makes a poor choice, I want them to be able to open up to me. I would rather them tell me their wrongs without worrying they will get punished because I want them to know I will be here to help them up when they fall. I don’t want my son to be scared to tell me that he smoked marijuana until he’s a meth addict. I don’t want my son to tell me that he’s having sex until he has a child. I don’t want my son to wait to tell me about the math test he failed until he’s failing the class altogether. I want to be an encouraging mom. I want to let Jayce know he can do ANYTHING. He has no limitations of success, happiness, or love and I hope he can look to me when he seems to be forgetting that. I want him to believe he can have straight A’s, be the quarterback of an NFL team, and be the first man to orbit the sun.  If there’s one thing that I accomplish by the time I die, it’s that I’m a good mom. When I pass away, I hope Jayce talks about how much he loved me and how much he knew I loved him back. I want to be everything Jayce deserves.DSCN0419

Eight Great Things For a New Baby

I am surrounded by endless love from friends and family. People adore Jayce, and I’m so glad that he’s not treated like he’s a mistake. This love was greatly proven at my baby shower where I was showered with friendship and gifts for the sweet little boy soon to enter into my life. I have compiled a list of things that I consider to be a necessity to have with a new little baby on the way as well as prices for these items.

#1: Infant car seat: This is necessary if you ever want to venture outside with your little one. I chose a car seat and stroller combo for walks and all sorts of things like that. I didn’t get a lot of use out of the stroller yet because my son was born in September, but I hope to get some come this Spring.    Price: $50-$200

#2: Blankets: Yes, blankets, plural. I have found it’s great to have extras in case one is dirty. It’s also wonderful to have different thicknesses. I have a thin one that works perfect for nursing because it’s large enough to cover us both up with.    Price: $5-$30

#3: Play mat/gym: I highly recommend gyms that have mirrors for the little one to look into, so he can smile and talk to himself. My son started enjoying his at about 2 months old, but time goes by fast! Get it now because I promise you’ll be busy with your little munchkin.   Price: $20-$60

#4: Vibrating seat: Someone gave me one of their used ones, and it’s by far Jayce’s favorite spot in the house (other than in my arms of course). When he was newborn, he would fall fast asleep as soon as I turned the vibrator on.   Price: $25-$40

#5: Pack n Play: Jayce sleeps with me, and that works great for us. We enjoy it, but for you momma’s who would rather not have your little one taking up your whole bed, I think Pack n Plays are perfect, especially ones with an additional top for newborns.   Price: $60-90

#6: Disposable Diapers: Even if you’re a cloth diaper momma, there will be times when you will want disposables. I love having the next size up on hand and always having extras too. I think that name brands Huggies, Luvs, and Pampers work the best. Price: $15-$40

#7: Clothes: Clothes are important, especially sleepers. Babies grow fast, so this is another area where stocking up on larger sizes ahead of time is definitely a good thing. If you’re comfortable with used clothes, you can always go to a secondhand store!   Price: There isn’t really a range

#8: Breast pump & Milk storage: I use an electric Medela breast pump, and it works great. My insurance actually paid for that along with and cooling system, extra bottles, and a car adapter. It definitely paid off for me to go that way, so if you choose breast milk, definitely talk to your insurance about this. For milk storage, I choose Lanisinoh storage bags. I like being able to write the day I pumped on the bag, as well as the amount. Plus, the bags take up less room in my freezer than bottles do.  Price range: Breast pump $200-$400 and storage bags $7-$20Baby-Collage-1024x1024




The other day my dad walked into the room and let me know that someone (I won’t use any names) who we used to be quite close to was arrested for possession of heroin. Her boyfriend was too. These particular people have an amazing little 2 year old boy. It really got me thinking about how messed up this whole world is. Although I don’t understand drug addiction in and of itself, I understand how deep of a love I have for my baby is. I created him, and he deserves everything that I could ever possibly give to him. He deserves a full life of endless love from both parents, and so does that little boy, regardless of who his parents are. With the enormous rise of drug/alcohol abuse going around, my heart is completely broken. If you can’t shape up for your kid, what human being on earth could you pick up the pieces of your life for? No one.

The whole system is absolutely awful. Doctors prescribe pain killers way too often. No wonder people become addicted to them. Heroin is so much cheaper, so drug users go for that. The worst part is that so many people become addicted to heroin, and never seem to get it all figured out. They don’t see the pain they are causing the ones that love them. They don’t care.

Broken is a world that’s love for something is stronger for what will soon destroy them than those who bring them up.topic_substanceAbuse_1

I don’t

I was always one of those girls who was planning her wedding at 5 years old. I knew that I wanted my wedding colors to be red and black. I dreamed of happily ever after, and recently my whole concept of marriage and love has disintegrated. Did you know that 50% of marriages end in divorce? I have half as much of a chance of getting my heart torn to shreds as I do of staying married. Do you ever hear a wife crabbing at her husband and vice versa? Marriage is so much work. 30%-60% of married individuals will commit infidelity at some point in their marriage.

I’m scared of getting hurt. Isaac and I have been together for roughly 2 and a half years now. I didn’t treat him super good this whole 2 and a half years, and sometimes I still get crabby and rude to him. We spent two months broken up when I became too much to handle for Isaac. He ended it, and for two months, I lost 11 pounds because I didn’t eat, and when I did I couldn’t keep it down. In those two months, I cried myself to sleep every night. In those two months, I tried to get over him, and I couldn’t. We ended up back together, and I’m glad we did. If I was that crushed over a relationship at 15, how would I be able to handle a divorce?

How could I take being separated from the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want to do that to Jayce. I’m so scared that I would have to go through so much, and I might not even end up happy. I’m terrified of all of this. d5281a77dc5687b75ec80a1ecac847aa


In the hustle and bustle of life, I almost forgot that the love of my life celebrated three months of his sweet little life. For three months, I’ve been holding him, kissing his sweet cheeks, and telling everyone how much he looks like his daddy, which is a compliment because his dad is a stud. Being a mom has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. Nobody has challenged my patience, while encouraging me to improve myself. Nobody has looked at me the way Jayce does. His beautiful blue eyes stare into mine, and he smiles at me like I’m all he needs. The truth is, he’s all I need. Mommy is the most wonderful name I’ve ever been referred to as, and being known as Jayce’s Mommy is better yet. Back when I was pregnant, I imagined what he’d look like, and get what? His dark hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, chubby cheeks, and long torso (I could go on for hours about the things I love about my baby) are my motivation. He’s the greatest reason to be up at 3 am. He’s the sweetest face to see when I wake up. He’s my greatest accomplishment, and I’m his biggest fan. I can’t wait to watch him grow..grow into the beautiful boy I know he will become.12360046_881761395273772_5281174916392178779_n

Here’s to Coffee

After being dead tired from last nights lack of sleep, “Here’s to Coffee”, sounded like an appropriate blog title for today. Anyways, as I previously mentioned, sleep just didn’t work too well. From the time my baby boy was born, we had adapted into a set sleeping schedule.We would go downstairs to our room at 9, I’d change little man’s diaper, put PJ’s on him, nurse him, and just like that he’d be out in my bed with me. It was pretty great. Recently, the last step (and most important step) vanished. My little boy wouldn’t go to bed so easily. So last night, I decided to try to get him to self soothe. I set him down at 7, and he just played in his bed for an hour. I came to get him, fed him and tried again..this time he just cried. We ended up repeating the same pattern as always: diaper change, nurse, and lay awake for an hour. He woke up multiple time last night screaming. He wouldn’t nurse, and the only thing that worked was for me to walk around holding him. I really hate getting my lazy butt out of bed, but I knew the tears wouldn’t stop. Plus, I didn’t want to wake my parents up. These are time when I desperately wish Isaac was around at night because I simply can’t do it by myself. This point brings me back to my title because here’s to coffee, stress eating, and cuddles with the cranky little love of my life.


For Mommys To Be

After having a baby, there is so much that I’ve realized. This is a random compilation of everything that I’ve learned, and I know that there is so much more for me to learn. WARNING: I get graphic and gross

  1. Nobody tells you how much more you’re going to bleed after you have the baby. They don’t tell you that you’re going to have to stock up on maxi pads, and use them everyday for the next SIX weeks.
  2. Prepare yourself with scent/dye free laundry detergent because you’re in for lots of laundry covered in spit up and poop.
  3. Speaking of poop…babies poop a TON. Stock up extra diapers and make sure that you have a big garbage can to get rid of all of those dirty diapers.
  4. After you have a baby, you don’t have time to do just about anything. You don’t have time to shower, clean, pump, or sleep. An extra ten minutes is something you need to take advantage of.
  5. I’m sure you’ve heard “Sleep while you can” huh? The struggle is that you can’t sleep with a huge basketball growing in your belly. Here are some of my tricks that came in handy when I was pregnant: get a sleeping pillow (or better yet two sleeping pillows) and put one in between your legs and one behind your back when you sleep on your side. Hot baths, stretching, and massages are great too!
  6. As a mom, you’re pretty much on your own. I was sixteen when I had Jayce, and I’m still with his daddy. Although, Isaac is a wonderful dad to our baby boy, Jayce lives with my parents and I. I’m the one who wakes up with him at 3 am, and I’m the one who deals with his crabby butt. No matter how much I complain, none of that is going to change.
  7. Time alone is something you need to take advantage of. It’s a rare occurrence to be able to do basic needs alone. I’m just encouraging you to eat your meals hot and with two hands. If somebody offers to snuggle your little one while you shower, poop, or eat, say YES. You deserve it Momma.
  8. You will NEVER love anyone as you love the little baby that you brought into this world. I’m sure you’ve heard that, but you won’t know just how true it is until your little baby has been placed on your chest after you’ve grown their sweet little body in your tummy for nine months.

Killin’ The Christmas Tree

I’ve been slacking on blogs lately, and I didn’t fill my nonexistent readers in on what we all did the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I’ll give a run down of what the Nett tradition is to go Christmas tree hunting. We just about always go to Cut&Choose in Wild Rose, except last year. Last year my family was like “Oh, let’s go to Waupaca to get one this year. It’s closer”. That was a stupid idea. Anyways, after we pick out our tree we cut it down. My family is always the slowest because we are all quite particular when it comes to finding a tree with the perfect shape and a straight point at the top for our star. Then we sit in a little shack and much on popcorn and sip our hot apple cider and hot cocoa. We usually snoop around the shop to look at ornaments. I wanted to find one that said “Baby’s First Christmas” for my monkey, but I couldn’t find one. I felt super honored to have Isaac with us to help pick a tree and make memories with Jayce and I. I would like to think that someday, our itty bitty little family will be cutting down our own tree to put up in our own house and smother with cute ornaments (but I try not to get my hopes up). It was a good day for us, and I absolutely love making family memories like this with the ones I love the most.DSCN0611.JPG