Killin’ The Christmas Tree

I’ve been slacking on blogs lately, and I didn’t fill my nonexistent readers in on what we all did the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I’ll give a run down of what the Nett tradition is to go Christmas tree hunting. We just about always go to Cut&Choose in Wild Rose, except last year. Last year my family was like “Oh, let’s go to Waupaca to get one this year. It’s closer”. That was a stupid idea. Anyways, after we pick out our tree we cut it down. My family is always the slowest because we are all quite particular when it comes to finding a tree with the perfect shape and a straight point at the top for our star. Then we sit in a little shack and much on popcorn and sip our hot apple cider and hot cocoa. We usually snoop around the shop to look at ornaments. I wanted to find one that said “Baby’s First Christmas” for my monkey, but I couldn’t find one. I felt super honored to have Isaac with us to help pick a tree and make memories with Jayce and I. I would like to think that someday, our itty bitty little family will be cutting down our own tree to put up in our own house and smother with cute ornaments (but I try not to get my hopes up). It was a good day for us, and I absolutely love making family memories like this with the ones I love the most.DSCN0611.JPG


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