Here’s to Coffee

After being dead tired from last nights lack of sleep, “Here’s to Coffee”, sounded like an appropriate blog title for today. Anyways, as I previously mentioned, sleep just didn’t work too well. From the time my baby boy was born, we had adapted into a set sleeping schedule.We would go downstairs to our room at 9, I’d change little man’s diaper, put PJ’s on him, nurse him, and just like that he’d be out in my bed with me. It was pretty great. Recently, the last step (and most important step) vanished. My little boy wouldn’t go to bed so easily. So last night, I decided to try to get him to self soothe. I set him down at 7, and he just played in his bed for an hour. I came to get him, fed him and tried again..this time he just cried. We ended up repeating the same pattern as always: diaper change, nurse, and lay awake for an hour. He woke up multiple time last night screaming. He wouldn’t nurse, and the only thing that worked was for me to walk around holding him. I really hate getting my lazy butt out of bed, but I knew the tears wouldn’t stop. Plus, I didn’t want to wake my parents up. These are time when I desperately wish Isaac was around at night because I simply can’t do it by myself. This point brings me back to my title because here’s to coffee, stress eating, and cuddles with the cranky little love of my life.



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