In the hustle and bustle of life, I almost forgot that the love of my life celebrated three months of his sweet little life. For three months, I’ve been holding him, kissing his sweet cheeks, and telling everyone how much he looks like his daddy, which is a compliment because his dad is a stud. Being a mom has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. Nobody has challenged my patience, while encouraging me to improve myself. Nobody has looked at me the way Jayce does. His beautiful blue eyes stare into mine, and he smiles at me like I’m all he needs. The truth is, he’s all I need. Mommy is the most wonderful name I’ve ever been referred to as, and being known as Jayce’s Mommy is better yet. Back when I was pregnant, I imagined what he’d look like, and get what? His dark hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, chubby cheeks, and long torso (I could go on for hours about the things I love about my baby) are my motivation. He’s the greatest reason to be up at 3 am. He’s the sweetest face to see when I wake up. He’s my greatest accomplishment, and I’m his biggest fan. I can’t wait to watch him grow..grow into the beautiful boy I know he will become.12360046_881761395273772_5281174916392178779_n


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