The other day my dad walked into the room and let me know that someone (I won’t use any names) who we used to be quite close to was arrested for possession of heroin. Her boyfriend was too. These particular people have an amazing little 2 year old boy. It really got me thinking about how messed up this whole world is. Although I don’t understand drug addiction in and of itself, I understand how deep of a love I have for my baby is. I created him, and he deserves everything that I could ever possibly give to him. He deserves a full life of endless love from both parents, and so does that little boy, regardless of who his parents are. With the enormous rise of drug/alcohol abuse going around, my heart is completely broken. If you can’t shape up for your kid, what human being on earth could you pick up the pieces of your life for? No one.

The whole system is absolutely awful. Doctors prescribe pain killers way too often. No wonder people become addicted to them. Heroin is so much cheaper, so drug users go for that. The worst part is that so many people become addicted to heroin, and never seem to get it all figured out. They don’t see the pain they are causing the ones that love them. They don’t care.

Broken is a world that’s love for something is stronger for what will soon destroy them than those who bring them up.topic_substanceAbuse_1


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