Eight Great Things For a New Baby

I am surrounded by endless love from friends and family. People adore Jayce, and I’m so glad that he’s not treated like he’s a mistake. This love was greatly proven at my baby shower where I was showered with friendship and gifts for the sweet little boy soon to enter into my life. I have compiled a list of things that I consider to be a necessity to have with a new little baby on the way as well as prices for these items.

#1: Infant car seat: This is necessary if you ever want to venture outside with your little one. I chose a car seat and stroller combo for walks and all sorts of things like that. I didn’t get a lot of use out of the stroller yet because my son was born in September, but I hope to get some come this Spring.    Price: $50-$200

#2: Blankets: Yes, blankets, plural. I have found it’s great to have extras in case one is dirty. It’s also wonderful to have different thicknesses. I have a thin one that works perfect for nursing because it’s large enough to cover us both up with.    Price: $5-$30

#3: Play mat/gym: I highly recommend gyms that have mirrors for the little one to look into, so he can smile and talk to himself. My son started enjoying his at about 2 months old, but time goes by fast! Get it now because I promise you’ll be busy with your little munchkin.   Price: $20-$60

#4: Vibrating seat: Someone gave me one of their used ones, and it’s by far Jayce’s favorite spot in the house (other than in my arms of course). When he was newborn, he would fall fast asleep as soon as I turned the vibrator on.   Price: $25-$40

#5: Pack n Play: Jayce sleeps with me, and that works great for us. We enjoy it, but for you momma’s who would rather not have your little one taking up your whole bed, I think Pack n Plays are perfect, especially ones with an additional top for newborns.   Price: $60-90

#6: Disposable Diapers: Even if you’re a cloth diaper momma, there will be times when you will want disposables. I love having the next size up on hand and always having extras too. I think that name brands Huggies, Luvs, and Pampers work the best. Price: $15-$40

#7: Clothes: Clothes are important, especially sleepers. Babies grow fast, so this is another area where stocking up on larger sizes ahead of time is definitely a good thing. If you’re comfortable with used clothes, you can always go to a secondhand store!   Price: There isn’t really a range

#8: Breast pump & Milk storage: I use an electric Medela breast pump, and it works great. My insurance actually paid for that along with and cooling system, extra bottles, and a car adapter. It definitely paid off for me to go that way, so if you choose breast milk, definitely talk to your insurance about this. For milk storage, I choose Lanisinoh storage bags. I like being able to write the day I pumped on the bag, as well as the amount. Plus, the bags take up less room in my freezer than bottles do.  Price range: Breast pump $200-$400 and storage bags $7-$20Baby-Collage-1024x1024




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