I want to be…

What kind of mom do I want to be? Being a mom while I’m still under the authority of my parents has given me endless time to reflect on this particular question. My mom and I have had a pretty good relationship for the most part. We fight off and on, but most days I would consider her to be my best friend. I want to be the mom that a child can tell anything to. If my child makes a poor choice, I want them to be able to open up to me. I would rather them tell me their wrongs without worrying they will get punished because I want them to know I will be here to help them up when they fall. I don’t want my son to be scared to tell me that he smoked marijuana until he’s a meth addict. I don’t want my son to tell me that he’s having sex until he has a child. I don’t want my son to wait to tell me about the math test he failed until he’s failing the class altogether. I want to be an encouraging mom. I want to let Jayce know he can do ANYTHING. He has no limitations of success, happiness, or love and I hope he can look to me when he seems to be forgetting that. I want him to believe he can have straight A’s, be the quarterback of an NFL team, and be the first man to orbit the sun.  If there’s one thing that I accomplish by the time I die, it’s that I’m a good mom. When I pass away, I hope Jayce talks about how much he loved me and how much he knew I loved him back. I want to be everything Jayce deserves.DSCN0419


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