Why I’m Pro-Life

I’m in class through my online schooling at Bridges Virtual Academy called Project Based Learning. I love this class for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is because I’m given the opportunity to express myself, share my story, and show why I believe what I believe.

So let me start way back with a story that I’ve blogged about many times…

At sixteen years old, I found out I was pregnant. I knew from the very beginning, I wanted to keep him, and I wanted to be his mom. I grew up christian and always felt passionately against the idea of abortion. Adoption is wonderful, but I didn’t feel like that was the right choice for me.


At my very first doctor’s appointment I was about a month and a half pregnant, and I heart my baby’s heart beating for the first time. At that point, I could’ve made a decision to end that beating heart. My choice to have sex could have led to life of someone else ending, and that’s not okay.

blog number 2

My belly continued to grow, and everyone at school could tell I was pregnant. Admitting to my friends that had begged me earlier to be safe that I wasn’t was far from easy. Most of them have abandoned me at this point, but I know that someday I will find a new set of wonderful mom friends that offer parenting advice and encourage me the way that my old friends never did.


Then I met him. I met the boy who I loved more than an anyone I ever have. I met the boy who would someday call me momma. I met the boy that gave me the best reason to wake up every morning.

my boo

And tomorrow that reason will be four months old. I look at him when he’s acting all silly, and I know that getting an abortion would eliminate the most beautiful thing out of my life. I know that if I got an abortion the world wouldn’t get to see him smile or laugh. If I got an abortion, Jayce could never brighten my world. Jayce would never have had the opportunity to do anything because I would have changed that for my own selfish reasons.


I chose life because the the smiley boy above wouldn’t be in this world if I didn’t…

and I thank God every day that I made that decision.


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