My Mommy Time

My “Mommy time” is either spent when Jayce is asleep or in the rare occurrence that he’s with someone other than me. For the most part, my choices of “Mommy time” are eating, sleeping, showering, or doing school, but every now and then I treat myself to something more special.

So here’s a list of some fun “Mommy time” things that I love.


#1 Baths…especially when they’re loaded with essential oils


#2 On Pintrest: I LOVE looking up creative ways to keep my family healthy and natural


#3 Taking pictures: I mean..who wouldn’t want to capture the beauty of life and their son growing up?


#4 Cleaning: I know many people absolutely despise cleaning, but I enjoy it as long as I can blast some wonderful music and get completely sucked into my job.


#5 Netlix: Okay, I admit that I get a little bit too emotionally sucked into my shows, but every now in then as a mommy it’s okay to be a little involved in someone else’s reality.


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