Yesterday my Sweet Prince turned four months old. Those months have flown by, and they’ve been bitter sweet. Every time I turn around, Jayce is laughing, smiling, sucking on his hands, and growing. Of course, it makes me proud! He’s getting closer and closer to being the wonderful boy that I intend on influencing him to be. He’s getting closer and closer to rolling, crawling, and talking. DSCN0819

There’s other times though, where I just want to freeze these little moments. I want my baby boy to stay his sweet and sassy four month old self forever. I want him to always want me as much as he does right now because I know pretty soon he’ll be a 9 year old who’s too cool to kiss his mommy.


At four months, he laughs lots, smiles even more, and he loves kisses. He’s sassy, but it’s usually just because he wants to be with momma walking around and being involved. You can’t blame the sweet boy, he spend nine months growing in me and doing absolutely everything with me!


My sweet little boy loathes tummy time no matter what I try! It doesn’t matter if there is something interesting to look at or if he’s on his boppy pillow. He rolls on his side, and every day he gets  a little closer to rolling completely over. My sweet boy also is starting to like baths…I can even get some smiles out of him during them.


And obviously, over the past four months, my little boy has become such a wonderful little human. Every day I love him more and more, and I will love him all of my days (I mean how could anyone not love that face)! He continues to teach me patience, love, and strength, and I deeply thank him for loving me and letting me love him.


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