Being A Mommy

I really love being a mommy, even though so many things about it make it the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I really love seeing my sweet boy smile, and he knows exactly how to make me smile even when I’m on the verge of crying. I love my “mom body”, including my stretch marks and extra pounds. I love how Jayce grabs onto my hair, just because he wants to be close to me, even though it hurts bad and it won’t be long before I cave and attempt to rock the whole shoulder length, frizzy, flat hair look. I love breastfeeding, even if it means leaking all over the place and having zero shirts that I consider cute.


I love having someone that I love so much that my happiness being second makes everything easy. I love being told I’m a good mom, even if I have days where I just don’t feel like I’m doing very good. I love that my room has been overtaken by Pack n’ Plays, diapers, and baby clothes covered in blow out poopy diapers and spit up.


I love that the first face I see in the morning is Jayce’s and that he’s so wonderfully happy in the morning time. I love that I now have someone to watch Star Wars with me because Lord knows this boy gets sucked into the TV. I love that I can dress someone up and dictate the fact that he’s a little Batman fan already. I love him, and I love this life I’m living.

I love being a mommy because my little boy makes it the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t take it back. I wouldn’t change this life. I’d do it all over again for him.


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