You Gain So Much As A Momma

Yesterday just simply was not a good day. Jayce and I went over to Isaac’s house to visit him. Things have been busy, and neither Jayce nor I have spent quality time together in a while. Anyways, Jayce was crabby in the evening, and I didn’t know what to do. I feel like such a terrible mom when he’s crying, and I don’t know what he needs.


Due to our little cranky pants, we left early, and it really got me thinking about how much you have to give up. I’m not trying to complain or anything, but it’s just fact; as a mom you give up so much. The amazing thing about it though…is that it isn’t even a bad thing. Your bank account becomes theirs, and you’d rather make sure they have what they need before you have what you need. Your evening plans get cancelled for theirs, and you don’t mind because you just want them to be where they’re happy. Your body drastically change, but you were blessed to be their home for nine months because of it.


So yes, as a momma you do give up so much, but you gain so much more than you lose.


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