One Can Never Have Too Many Baby Clothes

I’ve decided that one cannot have enough baby clothes, ever. My child could have a new outfit for every day of his life (and never wear the same one twice), and even that would stop me from going to Once Upon A Child and spending $4o on more clothes. My child could have clothes all colors of the rainbow, and I’d still want to buy that new red shirt, the blue one too, and don’t forget the grey one.

Okay, I have a problem, but I’d rather roll out of bed stinky and loaded with greasy hair ready to go as long as my little love is fresh smelling and covered in the world’s cutest baby clothes.  He’s spoiled, and he doesn’t even know it.

I will stick with my yoga pants, ripped at the bottom, covered in grease and bleach stains with my not-so-cute t-shirts (the only ones that fit me anymore) as long as my baby can stick with big blue bins of clothes that he’ll only be small enough to wear two or three times before he moves to the next size clothes


And no.

No, I do not feel guilty.


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