Dreamin’ of Ergo Baby Carrier

Okay, so my son is so clingy. He cries whenever I try to do anything that doesn’t involve holding him and/or giving him attention. As this pattern has carried on for about two months, I’m pretty sure I need to be one of those moms who attach their child to themselves via wrap/carrier/sling because I don’t know what else to do anymore.

Let’s just get this out of the way. I’m a totally newbie, Jayce has been worn once or twice in our Jeep Traveler Baby Carrier (I definitely would NEVER recommend this carrier to anyone). After about two hours, my back killed. So, I asked some of the lovely ladies in my local crunchy mama Facebook group for advice. The verdict seemed to show that Ergo and Tula are top notch recommendations. So I’ve been oohing and ahhing over the Original Black Twill Ergobaby Baby Carrier…OH MY GOD it’s so freaking beautiful.


If I was loaded with cash or one of the lucky PowerBall winners of billions of dollars, I’d already be attached to me with my Sweet Prince nuzzled into my chest, but I have absolutely zero income (my fault I guess) and I didn’t buy a PowerBall ticket(not that I would have won if I did). So I guess I will continue surfing Craigslist, Facebook groups, and secondhand stores until my desperate Ergo Baby Carrying desire has been fulfilled or until I figure out how to successfully rob a bank (just kidding!)



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