No Mommy is Perfect

Being a mom really takes a toll on you emotionally. I mean, you feel like your body is “ruined”, you’re sleep deprived, and babies just don’t care about your needs.

The worst thing really is other moms. You’d think they’d understand what you’re going through. You’d think they’d be supportive. You think they would know that you know your child better than anyone, and all that you want is to give them everything that you need.

I’ve been told I’m a great mom countless times, and I’ve been criticized a quite a bit. The issue is..that the criticism is what sticks. It’s what makes me doubt myself, my abilities, and every decision I have made.

Whether it’s “What kind of mother would circumcise their son?”, “You should put your son on formula because he’s too small”, “Your son should be eating solids.”, “I can’t believe your 5-month old hasn’t rolled. My baby was rolling by three months”

So here you are as a mom, listening to these hurtful remarks, trying to defend yourself, and thinking “God, am I going to screw my son up?”

And you know what? Then I look at my sweet baby boy. I see him turn his head to look at me when I talk, I see him smile at me, and I see how much he loves me, and I’m reminded that I must not be doing too bad after all.

I guess the moral of the story is…

All (okay, most) moms are doing their best for THEIR child, and those moms would never do anything to hurt their child. Mommies are all trying, and we need to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. NOBODY is perfect, and every Mommy can attest to that.


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