Why I’m Okay With My Mom Bod

If I lost an ounce every time I said “I’m going to start working out” or “healthy eating starts today”…I would have been at my pre-pregnancy weight a long time ago, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m pretty convinced that the last five to ten pounds of mommy weight is permanently glued to my body or maybe that’s what I want to tell myself to avoid making myself feel guilty for my lack of exercise and healthy eating.

It’s time: healthy meals take time to make…time that I could be spending relaxing, doing school, showering, or snuggling my little. Working out takes time too.

It’s energy: I’d rather eat that leftover pasta from last night than cut up vegetables to top off my green leafy salad. Plus, working out and burning energy when you could be sleeping and gaining it.

It’s money: Have you noticed the ridiculous prices on healthy food. Why could I buy a month worth of junk food for the same price as one apple for my afternoon snack. I can’t really defend how money affects the exercise because all you really need is a little room and yourself.

I really should change my poor habits, but a part of me doesn’t mind either. Those extra pounds are because I was someone’s home for nine beautiful months. While I’m staring down at my pooch of a belly, some women long for that pooch. Some women desperately want to be the home to a baby, and I was lucky enough to be that home for the sweetest human I could have asked for.




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