So in a previous blog I talked about about how much I wanted an Ergo Baby Carrier (see post “Dreamin’ of Ergo Baby Carrier“). 1786

Well, I’ve been checking Facebook groups and Craigslist, and I found one for $85 brand new! At I found it for $120 (but you’d still need to pay tax and shipping & handling.


So, I got it! It’s amazing how God answers your prayers, and gave my broke self an amazing deal. I’m pretty sure that the excitement is clearly represented in my face, and I’m officially a baby-wearing enthusiast.


Initially, Jayce wasn’t too sure about it, but he’s now coming around to it. I love being able to get dishes done, laundry done, and hold my sweet boy. Does it get better that that? I’ll answer it for you 😉 No! It does not get better than that.


Next, we just need to buy suck/drool pads because that sweet boy is a drool monster who likes chewing on anything he can get his little mouth on, but I wouldn’t change having him next to me for the world.





Ergo Baby Carrier

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