The Stupid Stuff Mamas Hear

Motherhood is a struggle. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I still feel like the reason being a mom is so hard is because of other moms. I think hearing so much smack from other people has made me so much stronger. Nobody knows my little boy the way I do, and nobody could love him how I do. All mommas love their babies and really want what’s best for them. So I’ve included a list of some things mommies do not want to hear.

#1.” You’re a bad mom if you (insert circumcise your child, practice CIO, (don’t) vaccinate your child, give your child Tylenol, formula feed, let your child watch TV, etc)”. This list is far too long. The mommies who choose to circumcise their sons, practice CIO, and vaccinate their child are doing their best too. No mother should feel judged when they are doing what they think is BEST for their little one.

#2. “Why is your child crying?” I know people are curious or helpful, but this really seems to annoy me (maybe I’m the only one). Sometimes babies cry, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I know my son has had crying fits. All I do is try to cuddle him and make him feel better, but asking me why he’s crying, as if it’s somehow my fault, is not going to fix anyone’s problems.

#3. “Stop pinching him/her.” This quote is SO popular, and it’s annoyed me ever since I heard it. Why has physically harming a child on purpose become a joke. No, I’m not pinching my baby.

#4. “Has your child (insert rolled, sat up, crawled yet) because my son was crawling at five months?” I think this one just shows how self conscious the other parent must be of their own child. It’s not a competition. Babies are all different, and they still have to work at their own pace.

#5. “Wow, you let your child eat that?” As a matter of fact, I did let my child eat THAT. I’m his mom, so I watch what he intakes. If I want to every now and then let my child have a cookie, then ya know what…then my child gets a cookie.

Although this may be impossible, everyone needs to learn how to stand by each other. Support, encourage, and inform parents, don’t criticize them.

If you feel like a mom is doing something that you think is improper or unsafe, it is important to explain why, so they can correct their behavior, but please do so in a respectful manner.

And remember, we’re all just trying our hardest.



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