5 Essential Oils For Hair

I LOVE LOVE LOVE essential oils (especially Young Living brand). I’m still a little bit new to using them, but they are currently a part of my daily life. The first essential oil I tried was Lavender from the brand Calia. It started by putting it in my baths for relaxation. Now I use essential oils daily! So below is a list of my favorite essential oils for hair! 🙂

#1. Lavender: this oil is great for any hair type, and it promotes healthy hair growth. I also LOVE the smell of this one!

#2. Tea Tree: this oil fights off bacteria than may cause hair loss. This oil moisturizes the scalp and prevents dry, itchy scalps.

#3. Peppermint: this oil increases blood flow, which encourages hair growth! It works for dry or oily scalps. It’s also phenomenal because it clears out the pores on the scalp. (when using Peppermint essential oil, please keep in mind that it is a “hot” oil, so using it undiluted may cause burning. I recommend using it with a carrier oil, such as coconut, jojoba, or almond oil)

#4. Cedarwood: this oil reminds me a lot of Lavender with it’s relaxing properties. It has also been known to simulate the scalp and promote hair growth.

#5. Lemon: this oil helps prevent dry scalps. It works great for oily hair as well. (It is not recommended to be in direct sunlight with lemon oil or other citrus oils on your body for 12 hours because it can cause sun sensitivity)


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