Boyfriend Does My Makeup

So you always see couples doing cute things, and I got the “brilliant” idea to have Isaac do my makeup. He was a little indecisive at first, but I’m sure he thought it was 10x better than letting me do his makeup!


So here’s the embarrassing proof of our super fun little adventure.


And after staring at my black unibrow created with eyeliner, blush made of pink lip gloss, and my nifty goatee, I can’t help but smile.

 Isaac is basically my best friend. Someday I’m going to look back at these awful pictures and know how blessed I am. I’m blessed that I have someone to not only do my makeup, but I know that I have someone in my life who always wants to see me smile.

We may be that annoying couple, and I know that some people who say this may call Isaac “whipped”, but he’s not. He loves me, and he wants to see me smile. And maybe these pictures aren’t embarrassing after all. Maybe they’re beautiful, not because of the masterpiece that is Isaac’s fab makeup job, but because I was totally blessed with a guy who wants to make me smile, and I am eternally grateful for that.1884ed7f4d0255c9ad2a5868c3c22714


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