GUYS! 🙂 I reached 20 followers, which is a big deal to me! I mean, I’m so excited that I’m blogging about it 😉 It makes me feel so loved having so many people wanting to know about my journey as a young mommy.

So here’s twenty photos of my journey throughout motherhood for my twenty wonderful followers.


This was the day I met him 🙂


This was a Sunday morning before church, reppin’ the home team 😉


He was just learning how to smile around this time.


You can really see his personality coming out!


I love being able to take him out and show him the world.


He loves TV (maybe too much). We were watching Star Wars together.


He’s really starting to love his Dadda. 😉


But Mommy is competing for this little man’s heart.


I love that this is proof of a successful transfer from carrier and out of snow suit! LOL!


He only cuddles me when he’s sick, but I’ll totally take what I can get!


With his birthday being in September, he never really got to spend much time outside. We’re loving the warmish weather now 🙂


I love that he’s growing up with endless love and amazing people.


He’s forever Momma’s baby.


He’s my motivation for a healthier life. This was a post-workout selfie.


The (almost) seven months of motherhood I’ve experienced haven’t been all good.


But when I look back, I won’t remember the bad days, I’ll remember times like this.


And this 😉


This too!


And everything will be okay..


Because I spent these moments with him 🙂

So thank you to my followers, and let me know if you have any tips on how to improve my blog. You can always comment on my posts if there’s anything you’d like me to write about!

I love you 🙂


My Baby’s First Easter

We had a wonderful and crazy Easter at this house!


I put together a little Easter basket for him because we’re not going to do the classic “Easter bunny” tradition. In his basket he got a swim hat, wipes, tank top & matching shorts, dress shirt onesie, stuffed bunny, first tooth brush, Easter onesie & matching sock, and a sippy cup. Yes, I know I’m ridiculous, and he probably won’t remember any of this. It’s fun to do it anyways though!


Jayce’s godmother, Maribeth, came over to dye Easter eggs the day before. That’s been our tradition for years and years, and I love that we’re continuing it on with Little Man.


My family, including kids & spouses/boyfriends or girlfriends make the perfect dozen. I think that’s cute!


Jayce’s egg was Batman themed. I’m a little too Batman crazy 😉


Auntie Maribeth even came bearing gifts. It was a super cute summer outfit with little shoes!


The next day (Easter) was even crazier! We went to church, came home just long enough to change, and then headed out to eat with tons of family 🙂


Let’s just say Jayce was definitely pooped out after all of that. We ended off the night with movies and cuddles.


All in all, I’d say Monkey’s first Resurection Day was a hit! I loved spending it with the ones I love, and I know Jayce will have just as much love next year as he did this year.

My Baby is Allowed to Need Me

Well hello my lovely readers, how are you?

I’ve recently had a reminder at how blessed I am to deal with the crazy, sometimes stressful, for the most part beautiful life I live. No matter how the realization comes about, it’s always a good thing to find a reason to be thankful, even in moments that you feel stressed to the max. This is exactly how I felt yesterday. So this blog will be about Jayce (just like most of my other blogs).

So yesterday was just a stressful day. I babysat Miss Avacyn, and that went fine. I probably didn’t hold up to my babysitter potential though. I was on the phone for probably too long while watching her. It was a stressful conversation related to some family drama, which I feel like tends to swarm towards me no matter how hard I run from it. Ugh! Anyways, Avacyn basically takes are of herself, but I should probably have given her more of my attention.

Another thing that stressed me out was my crabby, clingy little man. He’s starting to form separation anxiety from me. He usually cries whenever I set him down, so you better believe he’s not happy that when mom walks away. I couldn’t get ANYTHING done, not even when I wore him. I absolutely despise feeling unproductive, and I couldn’t get laundry, dishes, or school done.

It reached the point where I gave up. I accepted that it was going to be an unproductive day (the way most days are around here). I sat my butt down on the couch and held my little boy. I stared into his sweet, blue eyes and felt an enormous amount of relief. Jayce just wanted me.

I came to realize that my baby boy wanted me. He wanted me to hold him. He wanted me to love him and give him my attention. We have formed such a strong connection with one another, and he wanted that; he wanted that from me. It just made me thankful. It helped me look at the situation in a totally different light.

Some people don’t have the beautiful opportunity to bear and raise a child. I was blessed enough to have a baby boy. Someday my little man won’t want me or need me. And I’m going to soak up his love as long as he’ll let me.

7 Reasons I Skipped Rice Cereal

My son is six months old now. For about three months now, I’ve been given so much slack about rice cereal. Why? I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a mom and YOU choose to give YOUR baby rice cereal, that’s completely YOUR choice because YOU’RE the mommy. I for one, am sick of being bossed around being told that I should be giving him rice cereal, so instead of justifying my reasoning for the billionth time, I’ll just post this and hope everyone shut ups! (Sorry, I’m kinda venting).


#1. Rice cereal has basically zero nutritional value: It contains high iron content and calories, THAT’S IT! I look at it like giving your child something that pure crap and an iron supplement. What’s the point?

#2. At three-four months, babies digestive systems aren’t ready for anything but breast milk or formula: It takes babies bellies time to be ready for something, and most babies just aren’t ready for “real” food until six months, so why would they be ready for rice cereal that early?

#3. My son wasn’t interested in food until recently: My son is about 6 1/2 months old, and now I finally see him showing interest in things other than breast milk. If I would’ve given him rice cereal that young, he just wouldn’t have been ready for it.

#4. Babies who eat rice cereal have an increased risk of developing type 1 Diabetes.

#5. Rice cereals contain added vitamins and nutrients that are man made. Your child can easily obtain those same vitamins and nutrients through breast milk (if the mother has a proper diet) or through eating solids (fruits & vegetables). Plus these added vitamins are harder for the child to absorb than getting them through solids, formula, or breast milk.

#6. I think the food your child gets now greatly affect his or her future food choices: Giving your child high carb foods could forever make them crave high carb foods, such as cakes and cookies.

#7. Rice cereal is just a gut filler: People use rice cereal as a way to convenience their lives by getting them to sleep through the night or being able to get away. That’s just not what having a child is about. You shouldn’t push rice cereal onto your child in order to make your life easier.


*Soon I will follow up with why I’ve exclusively breastfed this long*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s is a somewhat big deal. We go to parades and dress is so much green it hurts out eyes. Having a little one to show off makes holidays SO much better. Every holiday for Jayce’s first six months of life Jayce has had a cute little outfit: Thanksgiving was a “My First Thanksgiving” outfit, Christmas was a “My First Thanksgiving” outfit with a reindeer hat, New Year’s was a cute little tux onesie that said “My First New Year”, and that bring me to today…


So for St. Patrick’s Day, my sweet little stud rocked a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” (because he is Irish, and he so totally loves kisses) tee with a flannel with a four-leaf clover on it.


I was babysitting the beautiful Avacyn. She was super stoked about taking a picture in their cute green outfits.


And obviously Jayce was pretty stoked to spend time with his friend Avacyn.


Anyways, Jayce’s First St. Patrick’s Day was a GREAT one! I LOVE him so much, and I feel so blessed to be him Momma, and I LOVE that I’ll be his Momma for every St. Patrick’s Day to come.

Why I’m Scared of Clinton or Trump Being President

Most people that have been writing about politics lately begin their posts, blog, or whatever with…”I’m not usually one to blurt out my political view, but Donald Trump (I think you can figure out the rest)”. Well, I am political.

I’m very conservative in many of my views.

I LOVE Jesus, and ideally, I’d like whoever leads our country to love and worship him as much as I do (or more). Unless I’m really missing something, no candidate really LOVES Jesus.

But two candidates who drive me up a wall. It’s honestly so bad that I’m having trouble choosing the lesser evil of the two.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary: I basically feel like she wants to be the first female president. She’s pro-choice (which to me feels like she wants innocent humans to die. That’s feels much more anti-human, than pro-women.). She stole things from the white house when Bill Clinton was done as president. Who does that? Unfortunately the answer to that is “The women who actually has a good choice at becoming President of the United States”.

Trump: He too supports abortion, and I think in his eyes, he views it more as a form of population control. He’s stupid and makes Christians look like awful people, simply because he claims to be one. The issue is that I actually agree with some of his political stances, but he goes about them in an absolutely terrible manner.

Honestly, I think both Trump and Clinton are terrible choices as president, but all in all I believe most Americans will end up voting for Clinton when it comes down to in because IMMORAL beats CRAZY.

I’m sorry if this has offended anyone, but I just wanted to share some of my actual real-life fears during this political season.


My Little Boy is Six Months Old

So yesterday I wrote a whole post about my baby boy turning six months old, and I think I got distracted, and it never ended up being published. It wasn’t saved in my drafts either. Anyways, I wanted to make up for it tonight by talking about my sweet six month old.


This is Jayce. He’s a sassy, smart, and sweet six month old. He has beautiful blue eyes (like his daddy) and light brown hair  (I think he’s going to be a blonde).


He’s always in a good mood as long as he’s being entertained, which usually consists of being the center of attention or having a “toy” to chew on. His favorite “toys” aren’t even toys.


He’s getting so good at rolling from belly to back and from back to belly. He’s just about able to sit up on his own, like he is in this picture.


Jayce is my very best friend. He’s makes every day brighter, and I wouldn’t change being his momma for the world. He’s the apple of my eye, and I feel so blessed that I’ve been watching him grow for six months now.


10 Mommy Confessions

There are so many things you say you’ll never do as a mom, and guess what? You do all of them. It’s actually a little funny when I stop myself in my tracks after doing something I swore I would never do to Jayce right before I’m about to do it.

#1. I totally pick Jayce’s nose. I said I never would because “it’s so gross”, and now it’s basically apart of my day to day routine.

#2. I talk in a baby voice. My baby voice is high pitched, annoying, and squeaky. I always manage to get the cutest smiles when I use it though, so why the heck wouldn’t I?

#3. I let Jayce sleep in a poopy diaper. I swear every mom gets her baby to pass out, and as soon as they do the light bulb pops up above their head with the thought “Crap! He pooped!”. The biggest question is whether to wake the tike up or let him sleep in his poo. Truth be told, most of the time he sleeps in it.

#4. I lick my finger and wipe crud off of Jayce’s face. Actually, I didn’t realize I did this until recently when I was babysitting a little girl who has pizza sauce on her forehead. I said “Come here”, licked my finger, then had to retrace my steps as I reminded myself that this kid’s face isn’t mine to slobber all over.

#5. I let him fuss. I thought I would come to his rescue with every peep he made, but I don’t. I let him fuss a little, not cry, but fuss.

#6. I sleep with him. I said I never would, but I totally do. We both sleep better, and my life during those tough 2 am feedings is so much easier.

#7. I don’t force him to do tummy time. This one still makes me feel guilty as a mommy. I should make him do tummy time more often, but I HATE it when he’s crabby on his belly when I know he’d instantly be fine if I put him on his back.

#8. I don’t read to him like I said I would. I thought every night before bed I’d read, but it just doesn’t happen. I don’t have time, and by 7 o’clock, he’s ready for bed. He’d rather be cuddled in my arm than listen to me read. It’s like torture for him unless he’s in a good mood.

#9. I let him play with any toy, which means it goes in his mouth: Barbies, socks, paper, you name it. Take it away and instead deal with a screaming little boy? Um. No.

#10. I kiss him, even when I’m sick and contagious. Of course, I only do this with colds. I mean, he’s probably going to get it anyways, so why waste my time torturing myself without him sweet, slobbery kissies?

And ya know what? I’m not embarrassed because no matter how many times I do what I say I won’t, I’m still the mommy. And mommies know best!

Recap of Yesterday

Yesterday was a good day, and I can say that confidently. 🙂 Jayce and I went to visit Isaac in Almond. All in all the day was filled with a happy baby, great company, and delicious food. The food part is important in my life for two reasons: If nothing else is going right, food is there 😉 and number two, breastfeeding is sure way to get my appetite up.


Guess what else got me super excited yesterday?!? My suck pads for our Ergo came in! I was reluctant to wear the carrier because Jayce would always chew on the straps. I didn’t wanna ruin it! I have very little money to get a new one. Anyways, the suck pads are Batman themed, which is no surprise because Batman is my favorite.


Another thing we did yesterday was go visit one of Isaac’s friend’s mom. She hadn’t met Jayce, and she asked if we would stop by while I was in Almond with the pipsqueak. Of course we did, and everyone was so sweet. Her children and grandkids were there, and I loved getting to meet more people in Isaac’s life. It kinda makes me feel like I’m more involved in what’s going on in his life. I love getting to know people and having Jayce be exposed to many people, so he doesn’t become anti-social.


The last and one of my favorite things we did yesterday was go for a walk. Jayce was born in September, so the walks we have gone on in the past week have basically been the first walks of his life. Right after he was born, I was still working on recovering and trying to figure out motherhood, so the majority of our days were spent inside with me barely finding time to eat and be a mommy (not that that has gotten much better), and by the time I finally felt confident taking Jayce for walks it was too cold out. Now that it’s warming up, it means that I get to take him for walks and spend more time outdoors!


So basically, yesterday was a great day! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people, and I love having a sweet little man to do life with!

Just Venting

WARNING: This blog will probably consist of a lot of feeling bad for myself

I can’t believe how lonely I feel so often. I’m currently here alone with just Jayce, and I’m so lonely that I’m having him sleep on the couch next to me, constantly waking up just to avoid being completely alone. It’s pretty sad. I’d prefer the presence of a sleeping 6 month old, than nobody’s presence I guess.

I feel like Isaac never wants to come over. It could be that I’m always stressed and crabby as a result of having very little help. But what really scares me is that maybe he just doesn’t have a desire to see me. I think nobody really has a desire to see me anymore. I’m constantly being bailed on. People literally make plans with me and then just don’t show up, call, or text me. Like, hello? I still have feelings.

Motherhood is really, really lonely. Your baby comes first..always, and your emotional health turns to crap because you give so much of yourself. For example, I NEVER feel like I have time for myself to just regroup and not feel empty. Motherhood is emotional and draining, and sometimes I wish I could just pause motherhood for a thirty minute shower. It doesn’t work that way though. Your baby is ALWAYS on your mind. Even if you do get time for yourself, you’re thinking and worrying about your baby. You want to leave them for a break, but when you do, you miss them.

I don’t even know what brought this random amount of loneliness on, but I’m looking forward to it passing when my mom gets home. At least then I’ll have someone to talk to. Of course, by then I’ll be tired and want to go to bed. LOL!

Anyways, I’m done now. Sorry for the random rant, I just randomly felt sad and decided to rent to any of my lovely readers. So goodnight! I hope you are all feeling better than I am.