Reasons to Drink More Water

Drinking more water is definitely not my strong point. I know I should, probably everybody should. They say you should drink 8 glasses a day, but many of us (me included) fall short of this “rule”. Sometimes we are busy, we’re drinking something else, or we simply forget.


#1. It’s GREAT for your skin, hair, nails. Water is pure and natural. Other drinks are just loaded with crap, even if they do taste good. It helps your skin regulate moisture level and eliminates acne. It also helps your hair and nails grow and strengthen.

#2. It gets rid of internal yuck and bacteria in our body. I once read that water is like a bath for our insides. Therefore, the more we drink of it the cleaner our insides are.

#3. Drinking water actually prevents cancer. Staying hydrated reduces your risk of colon cancer by 45% and reduces your risk of developing bladder cancer by 50% too.

#4. It helps with weight loss. Many Americans are overweight. I think that sugary and salty foods and drinks are the cause of this. One can of soda has about 150 calories, and water has 0. Also, salt retains water weight, so drinking more water flushes that all out of your body.

#5. It gives you more energy. They say that if you are feeling groggy and tired in the afternoon, a tall glass of water is more beneficial to you than even a cup of caffeine loaded coffee.

#6. It helps with physical performance. Our muscles need fluid to function and perform well. Our muscles can suffer if we don’t have a good amount of fluid in our body.

#7. Prevents constipation. Nothing feels worse than being constipated, and drinking water helps things continue flowing properly through your digestive tract. If our body don’t have enough hydration, fluid if pulled from stools and that’s what causes constipation.

#8. It prevents sore muscles. Water lubricates your tendons and cartilage which prevents muscle soreness in the first place.

#9. Water helps you stay focused and refreshed. Drinking a glass of water can help you stay on task.

#10. Gets rid of headaches. Drinking more water can actually get rid of your headaches because many headaches are actually caused by dehydration.


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