Recap of Yesterday

Yesterday was a good day, and I can say that confidently. 🙂 Jayce and I went to visit Isaac in Almond. All in all the day was filled with a happy baby, great company, and delicious food. The food part is important in my life for two reasons: If nothing else is going right, food is there 😉 and number two, breastfeeding is sure way to get my appetite up.


Guess what else got me super excited yesterday?!? My suck pads for our Ergo came in! I was reluctant to wear the carrier because Jayce would always chew on the straps. I didn’t wanna ruin it! I have very little money to get a new one. Anyways, the suck pads are Batman themed, which is no surprise because Batman is my favorite.


Another thing we did yesterday was go visit one of Isaac’s friend’s mom. She hadn’t met Jayce, and she asked if we would stop by while I was in Almond with the pipsqueak. Of course we did, and everyone was so sweet. Her children and grandkids were there, and I loved getting to meet more people in Isaac’s life. It kinda makes me feel like I’m more involved in what’s going on in his life. I love getting to know people and having Jayce be exposed to many people, so he doesn’t become anti-social.


The last and one of my favorite things we did yesterday was go for a walk. Jayce was born in September, so the walks we have gone on in the past week have basically been the first walks of his life. Right after he was born, I was still working on recovering and trying to figure out motherhood, so the majority of our days were spent inside with me barely finding time to eat and be a mommy (not that that has gotten much better), and by the time I finally felt confident taking Jayce for walks it was too cold out. Now that it’s warming up, it means that I get to take him for walks and spend more time outdoors!


So basically, yesterday was a great day! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people, and I love having a sweet little man to do life with!


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