10 Mommy Confessions

There are so many things you say you’ll never do as a mom, and guess what? You do all of them. It’s actually a little funny when I stop myself in my tracks after doing something I swore I would never do to Jayce right before I’m about to do it.

#1. I totally pick Jayce’s nose. I said I never would because “it’s so gross”, and now it’s basically apart of my day to day routine.

#2. I talk in a baby voice. My baby voice is high pitched, annoying, and squeaky. I always manage to get the cutest smiles when I use it though, so why the heck wouldn’t I?

#3. I let Jayce sleep in a poopy diaper. I swear every mom gets her baby to pass out, and as soon as they do the light bulb pops up above their head with the thought “Crap! He pooped!”. The biggest question is whether to wake the tike up or let him sleep in his poo. Truth be told, most of the time he sleeps in it.

#4. I lick my finger and wipe crud off of Jayce’s face. Actually, I didn’t realize I did this until recently when I was babysitting a little girl who has pizza sauce on her forehead. I said “Come here”, licked my finger, then had to retrace my steps as I reminded myself that this kid’s face isn’t mine to slobber all over.

#5. I let him fuss. I thought I would come to his rescue with every peep he made, but I don’t. I let him fuss a little, not cry, but fuss.

#6. I sleep with him. I said I never would, but I totally do. We both sleep better, and my life during those tough 2 am feedings is so much easier.

#7. I don’t force him to do tummy time. This one still makes me feel guilty as a mommy. I should make him do tummy time more often, but I HATE it when he’s crabby on his belly when I know he’d instantly be fine if I put him on his back.

#8. I don’t read to him like I said I would. I thought every night before bed I’d read, but it just doesn’t happen. I don’t have time, and by 7 o’clock, he’s ready for bed. He’d rather be cuddled in my arm than listen to me read. It’s like torture for him unless he’s in a good mood.

#9. I let him play with any toy, which means it goes in his mouth: Barbies, socks, paper, you name it. Take it away and instead deal with a screaming little boy? Um. No.

#10. I kiss him, even when I’m sick and contagious. Of course, I only do this with colds. I mean, he’s probably going to get it anyways, so why waste my time torturing myself without him sweet, slobbery kissies?

And ya know what? I’m not embarrassed because no matter how many times I do what I say I won’t, I’m still the mommy. And mommies know best!


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