My Little Boy is Six Months Old

So yesterday I wrote a whole post about my baby boy turning six months old, and I think I got distracted, and it never ended up being published. It wasn’t saved in my drafts either. Anyways, I wanted to make up for it tonight by talking about my sweet six month old.


This is Jayce. He’s a sassy, smart, and sweet six month old. He has beautiful blue eyes (like his daddy) and light brown hair  (I think he’s going to be a blonde).


He’s always in a good mood as long as he’s being entertained, which usually consists of being the center of attention or having a “toy” to chew on. His favorite “toys” aren’t even toys.


He’s getting so good at rolling from belly to back and from back to belly. He’s just about able to sit up on his own, like he is in this picture.


Jayce is my very best friend. He’s makes every day brighter, and I wouldn’t change being his momma for the world. He’s the apple of my eye, and I feel so blessed that I’ve been watching him grow for six months now.



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