Why I’m Scared of Clinton or Trump Being President

Most people that have been writing about politics lately begin their posts, blog, or whatever with…”I’m not usually one to blurt out my political view, but Donald Trump (I think you can figure out the rest)”. Well, I am political.

I’m very conservative in many of my views.

I LOVE Jesus, and ideally, I’d like whoever leads our country to love and worship him as much as I do (or more). Unless I’m really missing something, no candidate really LOVES Jesus.

But two candidates who drive me up a wall. It’s honestly so bad that I’m having trouble choosing the lesser evil of the two.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary: I basically feel like she wants to be the first female president. She’s pro-choice (which to me feels like she wants innocent humans to die. That’s feels much more anti-human, than pro-women.). She stole things from the white house when Bill Clinton was done as president. Who does that? Unfortunately the answer to that is “The women who actually has a good choice at becoming President of the United States”.

Trump: He too supports abortion, and I think in his eyes, he views it more as a form of population control. He’s stupid and makes Christians look like awful people, simply because he claims to be one. The issue is that I actually agree with some of his political stances, but he goes about them in an absolutely terrible manner.

Honestly, I think both Trump and Clinton are terrible choices as president, but all in all I believe most Americans will end up voting for Clinton when it comes down to in because IMMORAL beats CRAZY.

I’m sorry if this has offended anyone, but I just wanted to share some of my actual real-life fears during this political season.



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