Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s is a somewhat big deal. We go to parades and dress is so much green it hurts out eyes. Having a little one to show off makes holidays SO much better. Every holiday for Jayce’s first six months of life Jayce has had a cute little outfit: Thanksgiving was a “My First Thanksgiving” outfit, Christmas was a “My First Thanksgiving” outfit with a reindeer hat, New Year’s was a cute little tux onesie that said “My First New Year”, and that bring me to today…


So for St. Patrick’s Day, my sweet little stud rocked a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” (because he is Irish, and he so totally loves kisses) tee with a flannel with a four-leaf clover on it.


I was babysitting the beautiful Avacyn. She was super stoked about taking a picture in their cute green outfits.


And obviously Jayce was pretty stoked to spend time with his friend Avacyn.


Anyways, Jayce’s First St. Patrick’s Day was a GREAT one! I LOVE him so much, and I feel so blessed to be him Momma, and I LOVE that I’ll be his Momma for every St. Patrick’s Day to come.


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