7 Reasons I Skipped Rice Cereal

My son is six months old now. For about three months now, I’ve been given so much slack about rice cereal. Why? I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a mom and YOU choose to give YOUR baby rice cereal, that’s completely YOUR choice because YOU’RE the mommy. I for one, am sick of being bossed around being told that I should be giving him rice cereal, so instead of justifying my reasoning for the billionth time, I’ll just post this and hope everyone shut ups! (Sorry, I’m kinda venting).


#1. Rice cereal has basically zero nutritional value: It contains high iron content and calories, THAT’S IT! I look at it like giving your child something that pure crap and an iron supplement. What’s the point?

#2. At three-four months, babies digestive systems aren’t ready for anything but breast milk or formula: It takes babies bellies time to be ready for something, and most babies just aren’t ready for “real” food until six months, so why would they be ready for rice cereal that early?

#3. My son wasn’t interested in food until recently: My son is about 6 1/2 months old, and now I finally see him showing interest in things other than breast milk. If I would’ve given him rice cereal that young, he just wouldn’t have been ready for it.

#4. Babies who eat rice cereal have an increased risk of developing type 1 Diabetes.

#5. Rice cereals contain added vitamins and nutrients that are man made. Your child can easily obtain those same vitamins and nutrients through breast milk (if the mother has a proper diet) or through eating solids (fruits & vegetables). Plus these added vitamins are harder for the child to absorb than getting them through solids, formula, or breast milk.

#6. I think the food your child gets now greatly affect his or her future food choices: Giving your child high carb foods could forever make them crave high carb foods, such as cakes and cookies.

#7. Rice cereal is just a gut filler: People use rice cereal as a way to convenience their lives by getting them to sleep through the night or being able to get away. That’s just not what having a child is about. You shouldn’t push rice cereal onto your child in order to make your life easier.


*Soon I will follow up with why I’ve exclusively breastfed this long*


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