My Baby is Allowed to Need Me

Well hello my lovely readers, how are you?

I’ve recently had a reminder at how blessed I am to deal with the crazy, sometimes stressful, for the most part beautiful life I live. No matter how the realization comes about, it’s always a good thing to find a reason to be thankful, even in moments that you feel stressed to the max. This is exactly how I felt yesterday. So this blog will be about Jayce (just like most of my other blogs).

So yesterday was just a stressful day. I babysat Miss Avacyn, and that went fine. I probably didn’t hold up to my babysitter potential though. I was on the phone for probably too long while watching her. It was a stressful conversation related to some family drama, which I feel like tends to swarm towards me no matter how hard I run from it. Ugh! Anyways, Avacyn basically takes are of herself, but I should probably have given her more of my attention.

Another thing that stressed me out was my crabby, clingy little man. He’s starting to form separation anxiety from me. He usually cries whenever I set him down, so you better believe he’s not happy that when mom walks away. I couldn’t get ANYTHING done, not even when I wore him. I absolutely despise feeling unproductive, and I couldn’t get laundry, dishes, or school done.

It reached the point where I gave up. I accepted that it was going to be an unproductive day (the way most days are around here). I sat my butt down on the couch and held my little boy. I stared into his sweet, blue eyes and felt an enormous amount of relief. Jayce just wanted me.

I came to realize that my baby boy wanted me. He wanted me to hold him. He wanted me to love him and give him my attention. We have formed such a strong connection with one another, and he wanted that; he wanted that from me. It just made me thankful. It helped me look at the situation in a totally different light.

Some people don’t have the beautiful opportunity to bear and raise a child. I was blessed enough to have a baby boy. Someday my little man won’t want me or need me. And I’m going to soak up his love as long as he’ll let me.


2 thoughts on “My Baby is Allowed to Need Me

  1. Beautiful post!! And yes, soak it all in. We all need to remind ourselves each day. Sometimes it’s hard being THAT needed, but it’s also such a beautiful blessing. 💛 great post mama!


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